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Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
Posted August 4, 2015

Following a major disaster, it is likely that local firefighters, police officers, and paramedics will be overwhelmed. As a result, immediate emergency assistance may not be available. This is where you can step in and help your neighbors and community by becoming a CERT member. CERTs are comprised of local volunteers that desire to improve their community by supporting response operations during a disaster or emergency. Volunteers receive free training and equipment that are provided through the Homeland Security Grant Program and local supporters.

Just as important as helping during an actual emergency, CERT members work closely with local emergency management and response officials to improve community preparedness and resilience. While disasters may not occur everyday, there is an ongoing need to educate the public about hazards within the community, emergencies planning, and the importance of disaster response training. CERT members participate in activities throughout the year. When disaster does strike, CERT members spring into action to provide necessary medical, search and rescue, and logistical support under the direction and supervision of emergency responders.

A free training class will be starting soon. It will possibly be held on a Friday night and Saturday. If you are interested, call or text Mary Rae at 254-266-0384.

For more information, go to the Heart of Texas CERT website or email Kathy Corbin.

Permanent Email Addresses
Posted August 4, 2015

Many White Bluff residents use email addresses associated with their ISP, such as,, or If at some point you have to move out of the Windstream / Nxlink service area, then these addresses will no longer be valid.

Save yourself some trouble by considering switching to a non-ISP specific email provider now such as Gmail. That way, no matter where you live or travel throughout the world, you will have easy access to your email. And that will be one less thing you will have to do if you ever have to move out of White Bluff.

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Last updated on August 4, 2015