When the WhiteBluffNow website was started in 2010, there were no other websites where residents of White Bluff Resort could go to get information on the resort and local information. A lot has changed in the past 12 years.

The Nextdoor website is designed for residents to post information on events, lost pets, and items for sale, including real estate.

The White Bluff Friends and Neighbors Facebook page is another place to share events, or to post information on lost pets and items for sale.

The White Bluff Resort website has information on the resort. It is run by the Property Owners' Association (POA) who also maintains a directory of businesses in the area.

The White Bluff POA website contains specific information for property owners.

The Local Businesses list contains information on business and services in Whitney and the surrounding areas, plus information on the lake, local history, and churches.

The White Bluff Activities list contains information on activities in White Bluff, Whitney, and the surrounding areas.

As these sites have come into existence, much of the information that could only be found on WhiteBluffNow was moved to these other websites.

As a result there is less need for this WhiteBluffNow website. The remaining information on it has been removed and it will be shutdown in the future. Please visit the above websites for information related to the White Bluff Resort in Whitney, TX.


This website is not affiliated with White Bluff Resort, the White Bluff Property Owner's Association, or Double Diamond Inc.

Last updated on November 29, 2023